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Welcome to our Site!

Check out the new “Frosty” Page! If you’re interested in pics of animals (especially birds), then you’ll love this page! Just basically pictures of Zeb’s birdie.


What can you do this week?

  Read our posts on ninjas

  Read the details on our new prize for competition winners on our Competition     page!

  Add our great widgets to your blog here! (also check out our reasons why you should!)

  Submit your question on our Ask a Question page! Also find helpful answers for other questions you may have!

  Check out our CWOC membership post and see what the CWOC is all about!

There’s lots of things you can do to help this week, just have a look around the blog!


Club Penguin Word of the Day: Free!

Why did we choose it?

Because we’re giving away FREE CWOC membership! That’s right – it’s free! Check out the Competitions Page to see how you can win!




♦ Competition Winners: ♦

We’re giving away free CWOC membership! Check out the Competitions page to see how you can be a winner!


♦ Latest Picture/s: ♦

If you love randomness (like this random picture!) you’ll love our site!! 😀


♦ A Comments Reminder: ♦

Zeb and I (Wigz) really enjoy getting comments, but we’d just like to remind you of a few little comments “rules”, since we’ve been getting a few very rude comments lately.

  1. Use appropriate language. Your comment will be deleted if you use a bad word or offensive language.
  2. Also, if we think the comment deserves it, we will completely ban you from our site by banning your IP address and taking all precautions to avoid your comments. No second chances. No if’s and but’s. No “come back later”. Completely gone.
  3. This is a Club Penguin site. If Club Penguin doesn’t allow bad words, why should we?!

Thanks for helping us with our site, and keep sending those comments! Wigz n Zeb

A ”Kinda-Quick” Note from Zeb & Wigs:

Hey guys!

This is a Club Penguin site that we (Wigz, aka Wigwams, and Zeb, aka 1 Zebra 1, Skipperjay) have been working hard on. This site isn’t full of boring, obvious, updated-a-year-late stuff… this site actually has lots of fun stuff!

Check out our pages and keep updated with our posts, which you can have a look at under “Latest Posts“.

Please feel free to comment, but please, no bad words. We will delete your comment or even ban you from our site (via IP address) if you use inappropriate language.

We’ve made our system so that all comments have to be moderated before being put on our site. What’s the point of sending bad comments if no-one can see them, and they’re gonna get deleted?

We’re really pleased that you found our site, and make sure you have a good look round before you leave!!






191 Responses to "Welcome to our Site!"


Awesome Site skipper

zeb: lol YAY!
wigs: THX FOR THE COMMENT! woo lol.

lol this is an awesome site it rocks

zeb: thankyou heaps lol! yours rocks too 😉

hey guyz
great work 😀

zeb: thanks!!! 😀

Hey, Great work. Keep it up.

hey, thanks heaps!

Great site Wigs and Zeb i like it!! 😀

zeb: yay! lol… are you sure that wasnt wigwams…
wigs: yes. it was ping i think lol

almost done the competition spiderlilly lol 😉

lol i got that pin thingy. i got it of straw

why is all of the writing small?

zeb: lol? small writing? no…?

Wow cool!

soz about the small riting stuff… i relised the size font was on small not medium

trying out new avatar

Hey awsome site!! love it!
Keep it up wigs and skip!
(lol i dont hav a site!)

THANKS! lol… you should get a site!

No zeb that wasnt me lol on pingkee lol

zeb: 😐 suuure! lol.

Hey, OOOOO PIE! 😀 YUMMO! naughty Mike!!!!!!

anyway nice site zen and wigz….

lol thanks. yep, naughty naughty mikey… teasing zebbie with pie like that!

oopz zeb* lol.

lol. dw, i often get called things such a zen, zeh and zeg lol.

wowzers zeb u and wigz did a fab job

from me (rox) and the rest of new zealand lol

zeb and wigs: wow, thanks lol!! : D (from zeb on behalf of wigs lol.

Hey Zeb,

Im Try and i’m echi’s friend. Can we be buddies on cp.



meh, i dont know how im gonna contact you again…

nice site (how do you coppy the penguins!)

zeb: copy the penguins? lol…?

lol its all gud

hey guys, ur site is still cool!
I got one, but its horrible cos its new so just wait until u go on it, lol

awesome lol. its not horrible!!

i found ya zeb!

ya near that guy saying unban shopey chop lol


(for more proof: your wearing red pirate hat and your purple with blue lei)

zeb: lol lol i believe you 😛

lol, I’m still trying to work out how to put pics on
And i LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi, lol, that better be me making it lol

zeb: lol yummo.

How come u keep freezing on cp skip? lol

lol sorry, i dont really freeze… im just always really busy doing something 😦 its annoying isnt it.

can u help me? how do u put pics on? i’ve made some and can’t work out how to put them on!

lol, i think i told you in a reply to one of your comments on my site…

zeb: copy the penguins? lol…? if you mean transfer the screen to paint…??


zeb: o lol… pure “professional skills” hehe : )

lol. like is that dingo in the line thingy?

yes it is! i remember that, me and skip helped start it, lol

zeb: oh YEAH lol, looking back on that most of the penguins looks weird rofl, it was one of my first attempts i guess… sigh, old times.

Hey! Awesome blog : D Can you add me to your blogroll? If you comment on my site, I will add you. THX!


lol. thanks for commenting here! me and wigs really appreciate it when we know who visits our site.

Hi there
nice site & good luck in the future 🙂

zeb: lol thanks mohd! Wise Words For The Future. lol.

i made dingoz header! i made the first one and the new one

zeb: lol awesome!

THX for adding me!! 😀 I added you:D

zeb: thanks heaps lol! yesh, i saw you added me to that VERY long list of yours!

thanks skip for the thing on my site cos i do need tips! 😀

lol. when are you gonna add more pictures?

hey. right now ur at school. ha ha. im not coz its a public holiday. only kz moo is on cp and im really bored coz the shops arent open. la la la hmm. ill sing a jb song. jk. bye but forever.

zeb: lol im not at school either 😛 haha. its holidays here for zebbie… we only got like 1 more week though 😦 NOOOOOOO not a jb song! noo please not…

i mean but not forever incase ur wondering

zeb: lol i was wondering that.


zeb: rofl straw. you right there? :0 : D :)D lol?
lol, its no problem… thanks for commenting on our site and adding us!

Sorry it’s like one of the blogroll lists that might stretch to infinity:) i am trying to organize the blogroll to ensure every one gets a hit:) And if I get a million hits everyday, who knows?? Each 1000 people click on a different link then you all get hits!! LOL:D

zeb: loooooooool… sure is… how many have you got on there at the moment?! like a billion lol? aww, thats nice of you to ensure that everyone will get a hit (ouch) 😛
lol you sound freakishly evil when you say “Each 1000 people click on a different link then you all get hits!! LOL:D” lol lol. thanks for letting me know about it though.

ok fine i wont do a jb song. ill do a Hannah Montana one lol

zeb: noooo seriously NO


zeb: ahhh zomgz.

OMG awesome pic, ROFL a billion times better than chillis ROFL!

rofl, dont be mean mad :0

Hey nice site.Please add me to your blogroll if u add me ill add u.Just comment me back at my site 🙂


zeb: hey, thanks for the comment lol.



zeb: lol oakies! : D i’ll inform wigwams on it

Hey guys!

ur site rules!

P.S Great pic, Zeb


zeb: thanks eva diva : D i havent seen your new site yet… yet… yeeeeeet…

whats ur new site eva?????

add me to blog roll http//paintball101.wordpress.com

Lol, Cool icecreem pin. =P

Wicked Site zeb.
Keep it up.

Love you… 😛

zeb: thanks pengu lol… love you too. 😛

Hey u cant believe it But its thrue i am giving away an free camtasia code!What is camtasia,Try it here http://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.asp well want that code?Want to do animated pictures or videos for ever?Well compete now at my site for it, http://redbluemastclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/new-contest-2/

Nice site

zeb: lol thanks for your time for commenting… thanks kustom too lol.

why dose every 1 have a site but me!! oh btw great site!

zeb: lol… you should get a site you know 😛

OMG!!Can u believe this,i am having another contest,i am giving away a rare non member penguin,for more info go here

zeb: yes, amazingly i CAN believe that.

im just seeing if my new picture thingy is workin

oh k…i know this sounds really REALLY dumb but…who is wig

zeb: rofl, that does sound extra weird! “wig” is wigwams who one of my best friends. shes also an author on this site, keeping up the good work. for more details you should visit our about us page.

hey i updated my comp page. plz check it out! :@P

zeb: oakies


Hello sorry this isn’t my real email address but i don’t have one so don’t use that addresss and um good site.

5000 hits =D
Ill record 😉



hey dude redbluemast quit its me vokex and ici fever who are the new owners

zeb: ummm ook?

\Hey nice site,please i am new comment me at my site 😉
And please add me to your blogroll.If you add me ill add you!
Thanks allot!

zeb: sorry i didnt see your comment before, sure i’ll do that straight away!

hey i will come to the party and can you add me on Blogroll and l put you on mine

o hey xbox! i havent seen you in a long time. thanks, i will add you to my blogroll.

Hey, i got ur comment on my site… i wont be able to make the party because im going outta town… sorry
P.s i was wondering if u guys wanted to be my buddy my emails djk9611@aim.com
or u could just comment my site or something..

wigs: hey thx for getting back to us klim!!

hey i have another fave band! i love jobros and now i love aly and aj! i just listed to thier songs and they the birst GIRL band!

zeb: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

IM SO SORRY I COULDNT COME TO THE PARTY! we went shopping at 2 or around then and came back at four ( 6 in melbourne). I hope u had a great time though and happy 5000 hits day !!!! 😀

Your site rocks, I was just wondering if you could add me to your blogroll though. I could return the favor. 😀

zeb: sure!

hey cool site!! 🙂 thats a big line too. i once saw a circle at the dock lol 😆

zeb: lol its always annoying how everyones not smart enough to make something impressive like a circle… they always end up turning it into a line. grr lol. thanks so much for commenting! i certainly know most people dont :l

Cheese crackers
Crakers and cheese

how do you create a homepage ? tell me at my blog : palmnc0c0.wordpress.com

im sad coz tomorrow jb is on the Ellen Degeneres show and im gonna be at skewl!!!!!!

hey, i got ur message. but i dont find where is the button ”select page” to disable “select latest posts”. answer at my site.

lol hey, the sites still rockin! keep it up! ( oh and kz moo is a boy!) (i think)

oooh lol

LOts of CoMments


– RoXy

Hi SkipperJay!
I dunno what to say…
This blog is beyond belief!

Hey, thanks! It’s actually both Skipperjay and Wigz’s site… hehe, thanks so much for the encouragement! 🙂

Is this site ever gonna update?


Wait i dnt get it. How can u both say the same thing at the same time.. This is the question that haunts me…???

Ok here are the answers to the Q. Wigz gave me.

1. I have 3 other penguins, Oj Tomboy, Pinkaella and 1kiara1.

2.My fave item is my ice-skates and face paint coz they were the first items i got. My fave pin is the soccer ball pin and my fave vbackground is the one with all the smilie fave emothions.

3.My penguin Spiderlilly is 725 days old as of Monday the 11th of August 2008. I started CP way back in ’06 in I think August.

4. My favourite game on Club Penguin is Cart Surfer.

5. Probably to be able to design our own clothes coz all the CP clothes are ugly and yuck.

6. The name spiderlilly just popped into my head. Otherwise i would of been called Latifa Honey ( I know, random name )

actually my fave background is the rh one

Oh roxy, it is because we make our name say that. Yours says “roxyoox” and ours says, “Wigwams and Zebbie” or whatever. We sometimes send it on behalf of each other.

i like so knew that

*sorry that wud of been like my 1001th blonde moment this year!*

Um Does anyone know how to make a homepage for a wordpress site (coz i really need help at the moment 😦 )

hello i need help with my site http://www.icyblock.wordpress.com please help

ok nevermind ive used my Smart mind to work it out (coff coff)


ahem sorry mental spazm

hey wigz. how many months u been going 4?

what month did u start blogging on this site?

no clue. lol, sorry peng, i can’t help you there… earlier this year is all i know. :S. why do you wanna know anyway??
From Wigglez.

Hey Wigwams Zebbie Skipperjay or any of the other random people that are here!
Isnt this fun! Its like some sort of CARNIVAL! I like carnivals. And speaking of carnivals, there is the fall fair coming up! See ALL about it at micronik.wordpress.com!!!!

Is micro nik like talking to u guys or having a converstion to himself about how much he knows about club penguin?? Weeeiiirrrddd..!?!


– Rix

lol. Hehehe. Thanks for commenting all over our site rix lol

Yeah, and one more giant outburst and you guys no comment again. Im renovating the site, I have no time for your shinanigans

Just noticed that he makes no sense either :P!!!

Lol its all guddie WOO comment 96!

4 more to go then u will have a big 1 hungie! (100) (sorry NZ slang) ROfl!!!

•_• ~ Rix

Hey guys I would like to award you the Best Cp Site in the World. On behalf of everyone who has visted this site we would like to say thank you for everthing.

#Kz Moo#

umm z and wigs?!?
should I put the link to that 100 signs thing on my wordpress?!?
its not popular through but like only 2 ppl go on it
should I put it on?!?


sure bling, that’d be great! what’s your site?? I’d love to see it!

Hey wigz can u go on summit?

brumby’s full

~ Rix

btw her site is http://www.blingowoza.wordpress.com

ok nvm im in

well halfly. its taking its time to load. :l


I can’t see you? I’m at the town centre, in the server Summit
??!! I’m Wigwams. lol

lol it’s loading. it finished loading town and i was like “YAY”

Then it said “loading penguin” and im like “UR JOKING”

sorry bout the computer mate.. (its sorta uh slow rofl)

“waaaah” it said my penguin has been idle for 10 minutes.. Grr this is testing my patients (not that i have much)

hazzo.. lol.. 😀

rofl this place has turned into a little chat plcae .. Hey wormo

Great Site! 😛

Comment Back! 😉


P.S: Comment on the page marked “240 Funny Pictures.” Thanks. 8)


Nice homepage!

i think i will sign the petition…. now where to sign my mark?

Add my name to the petition, Zeb.

Oh and, Nice new theme.

Hey Zebbie!
Kewl site!
I am going to make this the longest comment EVA! xD
Anyways, I like the rare item bit.
You have probably guessed who i am.
I am on Acez account because i was on the com he uses and i couldnt be bothered to log out lol
Anyways, comment on my site!

Penny! =D

Hey guys, Awesome Site:P
I dont even kno how to make one lol, and if i did, it would be really bad!

– lucky 🙂

Hey penny……
lol i never know dat ur on ur bros com lolx………
so errmmm how ya doin?im happy u get penny bak!!lol xd
cya nice blog zeb

I can not belive it!!!
Club Penguin brought back the black eye mask.



Its a shock to me too, But it was bound to happen.

yea it’s sad how they keep bringing back old item’s
soon there won’t be anybody who is old.

awesome site!

*Gasps* Spares Quit i think? Wormo do u know is she has?!

Hey I made a cool music widget on my site
plz put it on your sidebar


zeb: sure, we’ll put it on our site!

Hey guys! About the widget, I’ll try and make one. I’ll email it to you because I noticed the codes don’t show up on the comments. lol Thanks! 😀

awesome. you know my email, dont you, right? we’ll put it up as soon as we get the code. thanks for replying!!

hey it’s dogsrcuties i just wanted to let you know that i now have a cp blog and i would like for u to check it out. it is http://www.clubpenguin-tipssecrets.blogspot.com
it has games, a quiz, polls, funny pictures, tips and secrets, awsome posts, and regularly updated stuff. (it also has some extra fun pages like the holiday page) o and can it be on your blogroll? PLZ…..

zeb: sure. i replied on your site.

ive got a poll on my site form PollDaddy

could u vote plz its has nothing to do with cp

Ok, I sent the email so it should be there. :mrgreen:

😐 Do you think that widget I made is suckish? tell the truth. I won’t get offended.

zeb: why? i reckon it’s pretty good. im telling the truth. i guess you could of put a bit more effort into it.

Ok, I guess i’ll add on to it. curve the text and stuff like that… im going to make a new picture and give you the new URL soon.

zeb: oakely doakely.

ello skip and wigz.

in hate homework… speshly science and society and environment

we hate homework too. makes you all sleepy when you have to stay up late finishing it off! hurts your hands too. seriously, if i had done as much work as my hands have done, i would be a stick person by now. its hard when you’ve got a site to take care of too. thats why im glad i have wiggiwoo! :mrgreen:

– zeb

Thanks for your nice , comment .

I like your site even it is not custom edited 🙂


zeb: hehe, thanks. lol, oops!

Hey guys thanks for the awesome comment on my site. I read the letter cp sent and aprently they are still gonna let some items return. This still dissapoints me because i own a rare named maddy4. A sad thing is that during november, a new winter catalog will come out. I know for a fact some old items are gonna return. Sadly, I know that it will probably be the black and pink toques that make my penguni most rare and many penguins out there. If they bring it back i am probably gonna quit sadly… Well this site is a amazing site and i think you guys should know that. I am going to add this to my blogroll and perhaps add your widget to my sidebar. You guys are great workers so keep it up! You guys wrote a long letter to cp and i agree to everything in it. It makes me sad that cp wants to stil bring the items back. Even if rareness isnt everything on cp it makes you acually think your cool. The new parties are kinda cool though like the new anniversary. Well il talk to you later and thanks for visiting my site. 😀

zeb: thanks for the great comment. you’ve got a really good point there, when theres items that dont return straight away, you can work on building up your own collection of items. apparently CP are loosing a lot of visitors. no wonder.

Cool Site Guys! Can You Please Let Watex’s New Site Get Known Again? It Would Make Him Happy Seeing His Hits Come Back Again… http://watescheats.wordpress.com/
Thanks! Sorry For Advertising.

hey go to my other (TERRIBLE) site


Hi, Do something to help the hungry people from Africa and India,
I created this blog about them:
on http://tinyurl.com/65dptv


Hey do u guys like pokemon? im new here lol. (not CP) I have a blog 2. http://www.crazyclubpenguincheats.blogspot.com
I luv pokemon. LOLOL

guess wat….

i got more homework! boy do i love homework (NOT)!

ugh you should see my teacher!

This my To-Do list

1. Literature. <—– heaps to do with that
2. English Writing/Descriptive. <— That puts you to sleep!

And more that ive probably forgotten about xP

Dumb dumb Teachers…

my to do list is-

Science > i HATE science it drives me crazy learning bout the moon

An Essay on a book we read

and soon MORE S+E which is geography which is kinda boring… i wish we had art or something fun for homework

lol we have art all day..!

then we have BORING homework..

for literature our Genre is SCIENCE FICTION so we need to read a whole novel on SCIENCE FICTION coz all our activities are to do with SCIENCE FICTION and to do with our SCIENCE FICTION novel. i mean that the boringist genre EVER!!!!!!




•_•~ Rix!!!!!

Shyshy6510’s 15,000 Hit Party

Where:My igloo
Server:Deep Freeze
Time:3:45 p.m. PST
Date:Sunday , November 2nd

Hope You All Can Make It !


also I will add one of your widgets to my site but if you dont email me ( email shown when editing comment ) then I will delete it from my site , our hits are pretty close and my widget is real simple so email me for the html code

Hey there!Nice site visit mines http://redbluemastclubpenguin.wordpress.com or http://redbluemast.co.cc 😀

Please add me in your blogroll than come to my site and say that you added me than ill add you (without requirments!)
Also ill be doing a contest for a rare penguin this Monday!So stay tuned!!

I know ae!

That is so annoying!!
I just want to enjoy school.. pffffttt its to impossible!!!
lol… eww I think i am jinxed with orange’s and mandarins!!

rofl first spare spits mandarin on u (goshi that was discusting) .. then james or tori D (who was it) Lobbed Bila’s Orange at u.. Good thing i wasnt sitting there.

lolu have the bad experience with oranges..

But james etc totally soaked me.!!


lol •_• Rix

PS – the animations on ur site look kwly zeb n wigz

hey whenever on my page and click our link i have it says 404 error found.? i wonder why , but i dont know.

Ever wanted a chance at 15wordpress credits? Well Im giving 1 lucky person them. Find out more at http://acezboy.com/2008/11/08/15-wordpress-credits-contest


Wigs. To win my contest you have to comment the most.


i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your siteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey Zeb and Wigz.
How are you Guys! – that competition winners page thingo is a awesome idea!

Im so bored with my site not many ppl go on it.. bar me and wormo – my stats have been at 437 for a while now :l

alot of my buddies seem to be quitting CP aswell, i dont blame them!

Hmphf anyway (gosh its too hot today)

•_• – Rix

Banned Forever….



Are you going to get another penguin? Watcha gonna call it??

Sympathy from Wigz.


Well, Im unbanned now somebody tried to make it a member without permission from there parents and then if you use without permission the penguin gets banned forever. But I get 1 more chance =D


why does acez always get banned?! Unfair!!

Alright! No more entries – it’s time to start the voting!!

Nice site!!

haha um oopz im so dumb!

i deleted that comment thingo.. but i forgot the pass to the Cwoc homepage!

even tho i remeber the other 1..

What is it again?

sorry for any trouble


my new site is brio2magiccheese.blogspot.com (im gonna get some more authors wanna hlp?)

oh btw plz dont email me. ive deleted my Hotmail account coz i wasnt supposed to have one.

i have saved my contacts tho so yeah, cant contact u much anymore 😦

im going to ask if i can make one tho. 😀

yup anyway

Rix •_•

nice site. plz go to mine. it http://bubba1960.wordpress.com/

SO Sorry rix – getting there!! :S


~Safari 2008*

oopz sorry ive deleted MSN im keeping my hot mail xP



Nice site! Keep up the good work!

Lol wigz is a Black Belt Wooo!!!

Hi Skipper.
Haven’t talked in ages, Nice site anyway.

juuussst a question, why has the avatar picture thingo changed?!

Hi guys! nice site. xD

Hi! I have a club penguin. Malopo. Im having a party today (12/23) Its for christmas. The time is: 3:00 c.p.s.t
malopo on the map
server: Fjord

Plz come if u get the chance!

Hey, My name’s Matt, me and my bud Jake run our own site.
I was wondering if you could put us on your blog roll, we’ll put you on ours,
I understand if you just want to put your close friends on your blog roll, and Jake and I are fine if you don’t want to add us. Feel free to check our site out before you even consider the blog roll thing.

P.S You can delete this comment if you want to.


zeb: thanks for the really nice comment. sure, we’ll add you.

hey zebbie wats u up 2????

nice site (i havnt been on dis b4)

can i hav ur msn address???

Hey skip and wigz. havnt been on cp or ur site for ages.
hope u guys had a happy xmas and new year!!!


guys im banned forever! I DONT KNOW HOW! is there anythin i can do to unbann me???? please helpme! AAHHH lol damn it

can u advertise http://www.luv2shop33.wordpress.com thanks!

Oh no.. Don’t tell me what I think has happened is true :0000

add me on cp

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO TO http://www.cjcdogsclubpenguincoolness.blogspot.com I know its long but PPLLLEASE GO THERE! I LOVE THIS SITE IT ROCKS!

Cool! LOVE the graphics!


hiya zeb and wigz i love your site!




please, please start to play again…we have!!!


Sorry I dont have a cool site like yours!
It totaly rocks! Its the best site ever!
Nice site. Keep up the great work!

zeb: thanks so much. 🙂

Well just go to my website


good memos right there ^^ haha i remember wen i use to ask for everyones msn xD
i was only young then 😛

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